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A word from our pastor

I've often wondered how to respond to someone who might be interested in coming to church and ours in particular. So many "churches" now days offer numerous programs, in house organizations, functions of all kinds, various boards, and avenues of entertainment; when we as a church body, have little more to offer than the Apostles had to offer i.e. singing,  praying, preaching and fellowship with God and one another. The one thing that seems to delineate the Old School/Primitive Baptist from almost all others, is our unique efforts to minister to the "elect" of God. Though that seems a narrow realm in which to labor, it was for the elect Paul continued his labors, 2 Timothy 2:10. However others may see themselves, they hardly ever see themselves as the elect. Yet, every believer in Christ, whether they know it or not, believes because they are part of that elect group of people. 

The elect--such a special group of people--are the ones God loved before the world began, predestinated to be conformed to the image of His son, and they will ultimately reign with Christ above. All of that for a group of sinners that were enemies of the cross, were dead in trespasses and sins, and none of us were righteous, no not one. Even as Christ died for the elect--each one specially and specifically and directed the Holy Spirit to change our heart and mind and comfort us in this life and lead us to a victorious struggle against sin; all for and to the glory of God our Father. Thus we labor in His Kingdom, for a God who loved us before we loved Him. Please feel free to contact us or come and visit.

For Christ's sake,

Elder Tom Taylor

See photos from our 2006 Sacred Harp Singing.

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Church service Sunday morning 10:30 AM
Bible Study Wednesday night 7:00 PM

Pastor: Elder Tom Taylor
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